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Survey Generator is an easy-to-use and adaptive survey tool with extensive functionality. With Survey Generator, you can create and manage all your surveys in one system.

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Secure, time-efficient, and with accessibility in mind

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A key focus on information security, stability, and efficiency

Survey Generator has high information security and integrity - we care about your customer information and data. Everything is stored and secured in regulation with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are ISO-certified for information security, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.

Our platform is safe and stable, and we continuously make security updates. It's also developed to be easy-to-use and time-efficient. You can quickly create and manage surveys with different target audiences and goals. And if you don't have time to do it yourself, we do it for you!

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Wide functionality and customisable solutions

Survey Generator provides plenty of functions. You can create your surveys to be as simple or advanced as you like, and get customised solutions fit for you and your needs. It's also possible to integrate it with other systems.

We continuously update the tool and adapt it to current technologies, but we also make sure that it is still easy to administrate and use. With Survey Generator, you also get access to our customer-driven support.

What our customers say about us

Svenska Spel

Survey Generator is a simple and flexible tool, which our users have been able to get started and use quickly.

Linn Hiertner

Communications, Svenska Spel


Survey Generators system is very reliable - and together with a swift and ready support, we can count on a high degree of service towards our customers.

Johan Laudon

CEO, MarketDirection Sweden AB


With Survey Generator we quickly received the answers to our members' opinions on current issues. We actually receive praise from members who are both impressed and happy with our work with the surveys.

Evy Berglund

Statistician, Saco

A small selection of our functions

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50 different languages

With 50 available languages, you get both surveys and reports in the language you prefer. Create your questionnaire in one primary language and translate it. The respondent can then choose what language to answer in.

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Mathematical formulas

Create dynamic questionnaires. Just add formulas in one, multiple, or all respondents - and with the four arithmetic methods, calculate a value from the respondents' answer, other values, and/or constants. You can also condition and validate the calculated formula value.

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Use multi-reports with coworker-surveys, where every manager needs a report with answers from their closest co-workers. With multi-reports, you can create a template for how to display the answers, group the results on properties, and generate a report for every group.

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